Those Getting Divorced Don’t Know; You Have to Tell Them!

Written by: Kylie Grenier

Professionals trained in Collaborative Divorce know the significant benefits for couples that are divorcing, but those looking to get divorced don’t. It’s an issue those who practice collaborative divorce understand, but the question remains the same; how can we promote collaborative divorce and its effectiveness?

Social media has been a great tool to promote personal practices over the years. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you won’t believe the audience you can reach until you try. Whether you have an account dedicated to collaborative or just use your own, you never know who may see a post when they really need it. In order to reach a wider amount of people, the majority of social media platforms also have the option to pay for ads. You can choose the specifics, such as the target demographic and area these posts will reach, and they’re reasonably priced.

For those who don’t use social media, there are other ways to advertise collaborative divorce. Television commercials, radio ads, and even ads in newspapers and magazines get the attention of all different kinds of people. Different demographics interact with different ways to advertise. If the majority of the audience you’re trying to reach seems to prefer physical copies, consider investing more of your time and money into those outlets. If they’d rather scroll through social media, investigate the cost of a digital ad.

You never know where posting could take you. Not only might it catch the right person’s attention, but it could also lead that person to share the information with their friend or family member. Word of mouth is a very underrated form of advertising. Tell your friends, coworkers, and anyone else you may know the benefits of a collaborative divorce.

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You never know who you will reach, and the opportunity to help someone looking for a peaceful and productive divorce option!

Kylie Grenier is a senior at Southern New Hampshire University studying Psychology and Justice Studies and interning with the New Hampshire Collaborative Divorce.

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