Collaborative Divorce Coach Interview With Ann Conway

Ann Conway

Speaking with Ann Conway helped to shed a lot of light on what it’s like to work as a collaborative divorce coach. Ann is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Nashua, NH who has worked in the field for over 45 years. In her private practice, Ann has worked with adults, adolescents, and families regarding a wide range of mental health issues. These vast years of experience has given her enormous expertise in the field of mental health and helping others. She trained in the specialty of collaborative divorce and divorce coaching 12 years ago and continues to develop her skills and holds leadership roles in the collaborative community.

Ann explained to me how important the role of a mental health coach is in a collaborative divorce. A key contribution of the coach as part of the collaborative team is to provide emotional guidance and support throughout the process. The coach’s ability to “steady the waters” is in contrast to what occurs in a typical divorce. In a typical divorce, Ann knows that collaborative divorce offers the divorcing couple the most support, respect, and a framework for effective communication and problem solving. The team approach and collaborative method, provides a process that values working together with respect while getting individual needs met.

Throughout her years, Ann has completed numerous trainings and professional development, including Interdisciplinary Collaborative Divorce Training and Mediation Training. Ann has been an active member for 11 years, and currently serves as the co-chair of the New Hampshire Collaborative Divorce Group. She is also a member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.

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Kylie Grenier is an intern for the New Hampshire Collaborative Divorce and a senior at Southern New Hampshire University studying psychology and justice studies.

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