Be Proud of your Decision

Written By: Michelle Teterault

It takes courage to take a risk, to move in a direction that is different from others. Choosing to separate or end a relationship can be a difficult and painful process. If you have made the choice to “uncouple,” remember that you can do this within a peaceful and dignified process. Choosing a path that is unique to you: your needs and your values should be celebrated!

The collaborative divorce process is one of those choices to consider when you desire healthier agreements. You are in charge! You can craft your parenting plan or make those difficult financial decisions while working with a professional team to support you through this life transition.

You have a voice in how this transition will progress and an equal opportunity as a member of the collaborative team to create your unique agreements.

Pride month is a time for recognition and a celebration for the LGBTQ+ community. It is a reminder of courageous leaders who took risks, dared to move in a direction that was different from others and paved a path for inclusion, equality, and love. Whether this love is for your partner, or for yourself, it is important to recognize the challenges you have overcome and the developmental progress you have made. Risks were taken and decisions were made that should be acknowledged and celebrated!

You have many paths to choose on your journey of life. Some of the decisions you make along the way will come easily while others will be met with resistance and pain.

During a decision to separate or divorce, you may choose a collaborative process. You may consider a direction that is something different and unique for your needs. Your decision is yours and should be respected. Make your decision and whatever path you choose, allow yourself to be challenged, learn, and grow from your experience and embrace the people that are here to respect and support you on your journey.

 Click here To learn more about Collaborative Divorce and how the process works.

Make your decision and be proud!

Michelle Tetreault is a couple’s therapist and a collaborative divorce divorce coach. She has a private practice located at 163 Water St., Exeter, NH 03833 and the office number is 503-772-0626

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